It all started with a vision. Two people. One concept. One immaculate brand to captivate the interests of women from all parts of the world. INNA. A collection of swimwear and sportswear founded by Spanish fitness icon, Ingrid Romero, and Nana Kim, the Asian Beauty Fitness Personality. Together, they wanted to come up with a brand that celebrates the curves of a woman, and encompasses timeless beauty with the latest trends. They agreed that every woman should feel sexy wearing their bikini out in the sands, yet also wanted to capture a unique brand with haute couture and class. Thus, INNA was born.


When Ingrid and Nana thought up the idea of creating a bikini & sports line, they were both thrilled at the thought! They knew that branching together a fusion of Spanish and Asian- inspired styles would create the perfect bikini line. Every bikini has been carefully stitched with a perfect fitted bottom, and carries an exclusive design of its own. Together, their idea and plans for the growth of INNA is endless. The two are excited for every woman to embrace their sexy, classy, daring and timeless beauty through the birth of INNA Trend.




Ingrid Romero is an internationally published writer and cover model, a fitness and nutrition expert & coach, founder of Team EDGE contest prep and EDGE supplements.She is a mother of 2 beautiful twin boys, Gianni and Nicco. Having found great success in fitness driven businesses, she was inspired to expand her horizons. Her love and passion for fashion compelled her to start out a bikini line targeted for women of all types and sizes.



Her partner Nana Kim is also fitness personality, who has appeared in several magazines and features. She has had a successful career in the fitness industry, and met Ingrid during her competition days. Nana met Ingrid when she joined Team EDGE, and that is where their friendship began! Nana is a mother to her grade school daughter, Noelle. She has an artistic educational background, and graduated from Joe Blasco Professional Beauty and Special Effects Make-Up School. Fashion and Art has always been a major inspiration for Nana.


"Both Ingrid and Nana unanimously share the same passion when it comes to fashion, beauty, health and wellness. They share the same vision of bringing that passion to life through INNA Trend. But another passion they both share and hold high value in is family! They are both hardworking fit moms who wants to show other women that dreams can come true."